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If you're after the latest news on the band, then you have come to the right place. Please take this page in the spirit it has been intended though!! There will be some serious information regarding the band; as well as some light hearted humour.


If you have any information on the band, if you have spotted us out and about or just fancy getting in on the action; then please email us and we will gladly do what we can to get your news on this page. It could be anything like seeing Sam posing with his fans or Owen baking you a fresh pizza. Have you spotted Tris at work after midday (which is a rarety) or have you caught Aaron asleep in his van during the day - he swears blind he work's hard, but we don't believe him!! So give us some goss, and get it on here!!

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night


We didn’t think it could have got any better after playing at The British Fireworks Championships on The Hoe in August, but we have now been invited to headline Bonfire Night 2014. Heart FM really enjoyed our performance at the last event, and have asked us to headline this event on Wednesday 5th November 2014. We will be on for 45 minutes from 7.15pm. Full details can be found here:

The Sound live on The Hoe

Fireworks Night on The Hoe - WOW!!


What a cracking night we had playing on The Hoe for The British Fireworks Championships 2014. There was some great entertainment all through the evening and we are very proud to have been selected to headline the event. We played a host of modern material from John Newman and One Republic as well as some Kasabian and Fleetwood Mac. However, the highlight was the final song which was “Fix You” by Coldplay. We couldn’t have timed the ending any better. As soon as the last chorus came in when the song is lifted, the first set of fireworks hit the sky.


We’d like to say a massive thanks to all at Heart FM and Plymouth City Council for inviting us to play and headline such a prestigious event.

Plmouth Fireworks display

The British Fireworks Championships


The Sound are pleased to announce that we have been selected by Heart FM to headline the forthcoming British Fireworks Championships 2014 on The Hoe in Plymouth on Tuesday 12th August 2014. The championships are a fantastic advertisement for Plymouth and attract an impressive foothold of visitors from both the city itself and the surrounding areas. The night will include six acts and we will be playing the headline slot from 8.45pm until 9.30pm when the firework displays are set to take place.

Studio recordings now online

Studio recordings now online!!


We now have our tracks up online that we recorded back in May. These include Dakota, Go Your Own Way, Locked Out Of Heaven, Love Me Again, Mr Brightside, Rolling In The Deep and Yellow. We had a great time recording, mixing and mastering these and are really happy with what we’ve produced. You’ll be able to see the tracks on our lemonrock page as well. We’d love some feedback so please let us know what you think by getting in contact Thanks.

The Sound in the studio

The Sound in the studio


We have recently spent a bit of time in the studio getting some recorded tracks ready to put up online. In the five years the band has been together, we've never been anywhere near a studio so thought it was time to change that.


We decided to do for some live raw recordings, rather than put something together that would probably sound nothing like us by the time it had been mastered. It's all too common to get perfect studio recordings, but we wouldn't want people listening to something that we're not. So we went for a more honest approach to the whole thing and are pretty happy with what we've done so far.


It won't be long before we can get the finished tracks on our website so keep your eyes and ears peeled!!

Owen becomes a Dad!!

Owen becomes a Dad!!


A massive congratulations to our lead guitarist Owen and his fiancee' Carly on becoming parents to a beautiful baby girl recently. They are both really proud to be showing off their new little addition and have taken to parenthood extremely comfortably.

Plymouth Live Night Advert

LIVE on The Plymouth Piazza - Friday 13th June 2014


Great news!! Plymouth has a great array of bands and performers that put in their shift week in, week out to entertain partygoers, pubs, functions and all types of events that happen in our city. One such event is “The Plymouth Live Music Nights” which will be making its stand in 2014. Only 21 bands were in with a shot during application and we managed to make the cut.


We will be performing beneath the big screen on Friday 13th June at 7pm with a 45 minute slot of some really current and great music. It gives everybody a chance to get down there with their friends, families and kids and experience what Plymouth has to offer with live entertainment. They’ll be a licensed bar in operation as well as other attractive stands … and it’s all FREE. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep up with all of our events.

Wolfy Wolferstan on bass

Wolfy Wolferstan joins us at practice!!


This little teddy gets around on his travels quite a bit, and found his way to our practice recently. He seems to be learning how to play the drums and bass at the moment so Tris and Aaron let him have a go on their instruments. It wasn’t like a standard gig when every drunk knows how to play our instruments and requests a go. Although he had downed a few vodkas, we kept an eye on him and happily let him show us what he could do. ;-)

Aarons new rig

Aarons New Rig


Aaron has been quite fortunate coming from a family of bass players so has been able to get away with borrowing his old man’s equipment which consisted of a Fender Precision Lyte and a 400watt Laney amp. He’s only been playing bass for five months but is now the proud owner of an American Standard Fender Jazz. Not only has he obtained a new guitar, but has also purchased a Markbass 800watt Little Mark III Tube amp accompanied by a Markbass HF104. The mass of pedals Aaron had during his lead guitar era with the band has been downsized with the addition of a bass synth and an electro-harmonix big muff. All in all, an envious rig for any bass player that sounds amazing.

The Sound return poster

The Sound return in January 2014!!


We are ecstatic, delighted, and proud to announce, that after a nine month break from playing publically, we will be returning on Saturday 25th January 2014 at The Live Lounge on The Barbican. It’s sure to be a busy night and we’re aiming to make this one to remember.


We’ll be supported by Plymouth based original band, The Swabes. These guys are a powerful three-piece who have a great desire to progress on the local scene. The evening will be kicking off at 9.30pm and we will be performing from 10.30 with two hours of new music. We have a huge list of new songs and cannot wait for the evening. It’s going to be a top night!!

The Sound as a four piece

The Sound transform to a four piece line up


It’s always been a desire of The Sound to attempt at some point to move to a four piece outfit. With departures, arrivals, sabbaticals, breaks and more, we have at last reached that position. It’s taken a fair bit of meddling around, but we felt that this was the best move for the band, especially due to how 2013 presented itself with individual decisions and departures.


Firstly, Sam is the first lead singer that we have had that has been confident of playing rhythm guitar as well as singing lead vocals. Owen’s decision to return to the band resulted in us having three capable guitarists when we only needed two. After bass player Harry decided to leave, the band found it extremely difficult to replace him. With Aaron able to play lead guitar, we came to a unanimous decision for him to move over to play bass thus creating the four piece band we so desperately wanted. And of course we have the amazing Tris on drums and backing vocals.


We are now rehearsing rigorously and will shortly announce a date for when we aim to return to the live forefront.


Owen Returns!!


The title of this news feed couldn’t read any more simpler. The prodigal son has returned home after taking seven months out as part of a career experience. Owen “left” the band in February and while nothing was publically mentioned, Owen had always been given an open ticket to return. It really couldn’t have come at a better time after the bands agreement for Aaron to move over to bass guitar. Anybody who has seen the band with Owen present will know he is a remarkable guitarist with an ever growing desire to learn more. Welcome back!!

Aaron moves onto bass

Aaron Moves Onto Bass


With Harry deciding to leave “The Sound” in October, the band have agreed for lead guitarist Aaron to a move over to fill his bass playing boots and take on a new role. It had been a difficult summer as “The Sound” had failed to find anybody to replace Harry and with the opportunities of replacements wearing extremely thin, Aaron advised the guys he was more than willing to have a go. Both Aaron’s Dad and brother are both bass players so we have no idea where he went wrong in life but we can say in the first few rehearsals we’ve had, Aaron has taken to his new instrument extremely well. While we know there will be a settling in period, we’re extremely confident that this was the right path to take, especially with the desire to keep the band as a four piece.

Blog August

MONTHLY BLOG - August 2012


The Olympics were in full swing and the nation created a sense of togetherness as we fondly looked at Britain with a massive feeling of pride during August. We were winning “Gold’s Galore” and stood at the better half of the medals table in a very respectable third position. Every day, the nation was breaking records across all different fields of sports as we were all glued to our TV’s (or if you were lucky with tickets, then at the Olympic Village) cheering on the best athletes that have come out of Great Britain. They did us proud.


Some other highlights of the games included Plymouths very own Tom Daley grabbing a bronze in diving. Although, he may well be remembered more for why every woman in the nation became so love sick over the three week period. And who could forget Bradley Wiggins and those popular sideburns? Or Jessica Ennis and her famous backside? The queen of the heptathlon has even had a website created in appreciation of her arse (


Celebrity Big Brother made a return in which, no celebrities decided to show up for their time in the house. Instead, we had to put up with another loose woman, a snobby model, some bird who became famous for “kissing and telling” and some bloke that called himself “The Situation”. Seriously, that’s a name you’d call yourself if you were a wrestler … or just an egotistic sap. Maybe they should rename the programme "Not A Celebrity Big Brother". However, some do seem to enjoy these programmes with these crazy contestants so each to their own.


So where did we go with August? Well, if you read these blogs, you’ll know that Martin had decided that he was going to leave the band so we put a few adverts out online. We had a positive response and started auditioning people. To be fair, we auditioned a handful as we had already offered the gig to Sam Johnson. Sam was unsure with his plans over the rest of the year and had a few things to sort out before making a decision. He really wanted the role but was worried that he would have to let us down further down the line. We left it in his hands and auditioned as normal.


We also gigged as normal. Martin was staying with us for as long as it took for us to find a replacement. Our first gig of the month was at Boomerangs. It was the second gig we had in here after managing to get into the venue after a gig on the May Bank Holiday. That was a cracking night and we were anticipating more of the same. We weren’t disappointed as we enjoyed playing to a very busy pub.


The following evening was a new venue for us. The Golden hind on Manadon roundabout has just started to do live music and they got in touch asking about our availability. After shuffling a few things around in the diary, we managed to find a slot and this was it. We always go into new venues with an air of caution. You never know what’s going to happen!! Do those at the pub want to see a live band or would they rather have a quiet night chatting with friends? Does the music we play fit into their category of what they would generally listen to? Who knows? The gig started off really well. There was a massive group of people up near the front singing and having a good time. There was a lass at the side of us who was also getting well into it. Dare we say even more than Harry? It was going great, we were all having a blast and the pub was rocking. That is, until a fight broke out which completely killed the atmosphere. Thankfully, it was only a few tracks from the end of the first set so at least a break would calm everyone down. And so we had our break. Hopefully the second set would start out like the first with a parade of people singing and dancing. Nobody could have seen what was coming. We were totally unprepared as track by track, we slowly lost all ownership of the stage. A group of middle aged women made it quite clear they were going to enjoy themselves as they ambushed every microphone we had. We’re not too sure whether they had escaped from a retirement home, The Glenborne Unit or even prison, but in any case, they were old, mad and dangerous. ;-) … They clearly had a good night though and had us laughing throughout the second set. Cheers for a hilarious night!!


We had two auditions ready for the next rehearsal and then Sam was going to join us for the last hour as we had a party later in the month that he was going to be gigging with us at. It made sense that he re-familiarised himself with the set as we didn’t want to go into the gig cold. We got through a lot of the songs that night including a new one that had been requested for a wedding in September. The night then got even better as Sam had made a decision to join the band permanently. This was music to our ears. Sam was quite easily learning the set and was always our first choice to replace Martin. So now we knew where we stood, we could crack on with the remaining gigs with Martin and get Sam ready for the changeover.


We played at Kitty O Hanlons on the following Friday and then the Creeks End Inn on Saturday. We were all very comfortable now as we knew what was going on with the band. It’s quite easy just to give up when you lose people but you’d only really be taking the enjoyment away from yourself. Martin had decided that he wanted The Live Lounge to be his final gig which was our last public gig in August. Martin then had a holiday abroad so it gave us enough time to practice.


We thought we could make Martin’s last gig with us a bit more fun than normal. We had thought up the return of “Setlist Bingo” which was a game we played when Steve left the band last year. Although, this time, we wanted it to be a lot more planned out. And so Aaron went shopping for some ping pong balls, some paint and a giant sheet of paper. It sounds like something a child would take to school to build models out of recycled items and it was just as fun!! With the help of Aaron’s little boy, they numbered each ball with a number between 1 and 60. They then allocated a song to each number. Each song was painted on a huge sheet of paper so that the gig goers could see that we weren’t cheating and around five hours later, the masterpiece was complete. This was by far nothing that could compare to the work of the likes of Van Gogh, Dali or Picasso but could easily compare to that of Neil Buchanan, Tony Hart or even Mister Maker.


We had no idea how this would turn out so went into the last gig with Martin hoping that there would be enough crowd participation to make the night one to remember. Thankfully, it went really well. There were enough volunteers that wanted to play with our balls …. As well as those that wanted to join in with setlist bingo (see what we did there ;-)). It was going really well up until the point where Dakota was drawn out of the box. We’ve worked out that this is probably our most played song. We’re pretty sure it has found every setlist that we’ve had. Even when we have no control of what goes into the set, it finds its way in!! It’s a great song and always one to get the crowd jumping. Even if you play it four times!! Yep .. Four times!! This wasn’t out of choice but more to do with Harry’s Live Lounge voodoo that rears its nasty presence whenever we play the venue. As we entered the vocals to the song, a nasty crackling/thudding noise took over the speakers that meant we had to stop. It then disappeared so we went for it again. At exactly the same point, the noise came back and we had to once again stop the track. Unfortunately, this is something that can happen and as uncomfortable as it is, you just have to get on with it. We thought it could be something to do with Tris’ kick drum so muted it on the desk and went played a sound check through the PA. It came back with a vengeance but thankfully, made itself quite present on the desk. It was something to do with Harry’s channel. We changed the channel and it was still there. Instead of messing around with it any longer, we muted his channel and he had to bring his stage volume up for the rest of the night. We then went for Dakota again and thankfully, we had managed to nail the issue and finished off the night. All in all, it was a good one for Martin to end his time with us at. Although we’re sure that this won’t be the last time we’ll see him. We’d like to wish him the best of luck in his new project and a big thanks for having the most awesome last ten months with us.


And so we carried on. We had a party for the last gig which Sam made his permanent debut with us and it was an absolute blinder. We managed to convince the manager of the venue to take us out of the corner which had enough space to house a midget and put us somewhere that had enough space for the five of us. It was a party that loved Oasis, Kings Of Leon and Coldplay so what more could you ask for? Wonderwall made its debut into our set and that had to be the highlight of the evening. Every guest was up on the dancefloor singing and dancing to this one and it really will be remembered as a brilliant evening.


We now had a few weeks off. It was time to reconfigure the set. We wanted to take some stuff out and bring some new ones in. We had two weeks to get our heads down and work at building the set back up again as we entered life with our third vocalist.

eat music

Eat Music - Tuesday 18th September 2012


Sam and Tris popped into the Eat Music studios on Tuesday 18th September 2012 to join Mark Tam on his evening show. It was a chance for us to plug the band a little, especially with Sam only joining us in August. The guys were invited to play a couple of acoustic tracks and to have a chat about the band.


If you missed the show, then don't panic. We have managed to get a snipet of the podcast of both Sam and Tris performing. If you fancy a listen, the please click here. It's about ten minutes long so make a cuppa and get listening.


You can catch eat musics live shows streaming online at They reguarly plug up and coming local bands and artists that are trying to make a name for themselves in the South-West so it is well worth a listen. Tell your mates and listen to something local!!



The Sound welcome Sam to the band


The Sound are really excited to welcome Sam Johnson to the band. Sam has gigged with us before at various functions when we have found ourselves in need of a singer. He has now moved back to Cornwall from Paris (hence the nickname “French Sam”) and was an easy choice for us to take over the reigns from Martyn.


We had a few auditions with other people who showed an interest in joining and would like to thank them all for their time. However, the offer was always on a table to Sam and he has jumped at the chance to join the band.


Some may have seen him play acoustic gigs in and around Plymouth and Cornwall so he is no stranger to the live music scene. His first public gigs with us will be over the second weekend in September when we play The Cherry Tree (7th) and Black Jacks (8th). Sam has an amazing voice and stage presence so if you’re thinking of something to do over the weekend, then pop down and see the new look band in action.

Orange logo

Aaron goes Orange


It would be quite easy to make a mistake in what the title of this news feed actually means. Has Aaron changed his mobile network? Has he become the tango man? Or did he fall asleep on a sunbed? Well, thankfully, the answers to all of them questions are “No”. In fact, he has recently been down to "Sound Unlimited" and picked up a brand new Orange Rockerverb 50 Mark II. No more lugging that Blackstar of his around but now back to a nice and tidy 2x12 cabinet with an even tidier head. Aaron used an Orange AD30TC when the band was originally formed and then moved to the Blackstar a couple of years ago. But he is now back with Orange and the AD30 makes a return with the Rockerverb 50. He’s like a little kid at Christmas at the moment!!

Setlist bingo

Martin's final farewell with "SET LIST BINGO"


We have now marked down Saturday 18th August 2012 as Martyns last gig with The Sound. We’ll be playing at The Live Lounge on The Barbican and really hope anybody that has seen us in the last twelve months will pop down to join in the fun that we have planned.


“Set List Bingo” will be making a return to the fold. We will have a list of 60 songs which will each be numbered and linked to a number on a ping pong ball. All you have to do is pull the ball out of a box and we’ll play whatever song that number corresponds to. Every song will be there to see listed on a poster so you can make sure we're not heating!! It’s a simple game but one that we hope you will all get involved with.

Blog July

MONTHLY BLOG - July 2012


We all love a good knees up. Especially ones that have been organised for so long. These would generally include a friend or family members birthday party or even their wedding. There is always a great spirit at these types of functions. The celebrations of reaching a certain age; or witnessing some special people tying the knot are great occasions. We see it as a massive privilege to be asked to perform at private parties. You only turn 30 once and you’re only really supposed to get married once so to be the choice of entertainment is enough to make any band proud. Therefore, it’s so important to us that we get it right. So July would see us attempting to get it right quite a few times. We had plenty of weddings booked for the month which meant June rolled into July quite well after the weddings we had played the previous month.


But the first gig of July saw us become The Standard Inn’s guinea pigs. The venue were attempting to see how putting live bands in on a Sunday during the summer would pan out. Associating summer with July these days is no doubt something that we would all disagree with. This summer has been abysmal. How much rain can honestly fall out of the sky in what is supposed to be one of the UK’s hottest months?? But it doesn’t rain indoors so we can’t blame the weather on this gig. It was very quiet. There were about ten people at the pub and it was rather nice outdoors as well. So we could say it was quite intimate really. The last time we played here, a woman at the front kept exposing her breasts to us and was even giving them some kind of wiggle as if they were saying “hello”. She was back for this one but kept them bad boys covered up this time. Cheers to Mike for having us in anyway. We’ve got a few more gigs there later this year on Saturday nights and the place is always buzzing then so we will definitely look forward to them.


The following weekend saw us back in Salcombe at The Island Street Bar & Grill. We played there last summer over the bank holiday weekend where our pal French Sam stepped in. That was an amazing gig so we were very much looking forward to returning for this one. We arrived at the venue to see that a brand new stage had been installed at the back of the pub. It was a bit tight to say the least when we last played there so it was welcoming to see that we had a lot more room to play with. Set up was completed as quickly as we could possibly do it. There were a lot of people sitting down eating so we really had to work around them. We actually played a straight two hour set at this one so we kept the pub jumping from the beginning to the end. The end of the night saw us witness one of the most pathetic fights we’ve ever seen after a gig. A few too many beers is enough for some blokes to think they either need to show the girlfriends how strong they are and attempt to “impress” them by starting on someone else. Or they’ve had a rubbish night and feel they want to take their frustrations out on some innocent sober bloke standing at the bar. Queue the pissed bloke and the sober bloke. The bell rings and Mr Pisshead arises from a table and in a feeble attempt to show off his masculinity, aims a punch at Mr Sober. This punch however was so bloody slow, we could have played another 45 minute set before it made contact with Mr Sober’s jaw. As Mr Sober calmly stepped to the side to watch Mr Pisshead’s arm glide slowly down the side of him, he gently gave Mr Pisshead a gentle push in the chest. Now this was a nothing push. It was like a small boy pushing a 20 stone man mountain. Something that nobody should ever be moved by. But Mr Pisshead lost his balance, he stumbled backwards while his upper body disappeared further behind him and crash landed on a table. That was the end of Mr Pisshead’s night as he was duly escorted from the premises. But the wackiness doesn’t end there. We had just finished loading the equipment into the van when some sketchy bloke appears from the dark of an alley and asks if we have a spare dingy that he can borrow so he can get back to his boat. It’s not something that we usually carry but we’ll have to remember one for the next time we are here.


The middle of July arrived and it was time to get into the swing of some of the functions we had booked for the month. We played for King Edward IV Sixth Form Community College at their leavers ball in Torquay. The place was heaving with 18 year olds and teachers. There were no doubt the odd 17 year old under-agers in attendance getting slightly happy on their fizzy drinks but who cares about that?? When your teachers are getting slowly smashed in front of you, anything goes. By the time we had finished playing the first set, the alcohol was proving too much for some. There’s nothing like enjoying a fine buffet out on the balcony when a young lad comes running out to throw up over the edge. He was hardcore though. Straight after he got that out of his system, he knew the only way to treat it was to get another beer. Good lad. We then enjoyed random teachers hijacking the stage to grab a microphone and slur their drunken thanks before the stage was taken over by some very hot young women. This may have been Martyn’s attempt at breaking some kind of record as he shouted “how many girls can we get on the stage then” as we played Mr Brightside. Well the answer was about twenty!! The night wouldn’t have been right if we didn’t witness a fight and as we were loading the cars, one broke out. Now Harry doesn’t like fights and is always forthcoming in breaking them up. He disappears like lightning as soon as a punch is thrown and was no different on this occasion. But this time, it went horribly wrong. As a young lad (who wasn’t part of the party) started throwing his fists, Harry grabbed him from behind to stop him causing any damage. However, one of the teachers didn’t see it this way and grabbed Harry in an identical lock and marched him down against a car. As Harry protested his innocence, the main culprit decided to start shouting very abusive words at the teacher. We’ve all, no doubt wanted to call our teachers something that begins with a “c” in the past, but this guy wasn’t holding back any verbalities. However, he was taken inside and calmed down before we left but it was a great night. It was organised well, the food was brilliant and the company was awesome. Definitely one of the most enjoyable gigs we’ve done this year.


The following night was a wedding at Polhawn Fort. This is a stunning venue with amazing views over the coast and the room itself was out of this world. However, for setting up and packing down, it goes to the top of the list for the most awkward. The venue has a tricky spiral concrete staircase which can easily be classed as a death hazard when you are trying to manoeuvre large and heavy speakers down them. It’s even more of a death hazard when it’s wet as it becomes extremely slippery as well. We did have the option of taking a longer walk around the back of the fort but we would have had to use wheelbarrows to transfer the equipment so went for the struggle of the staircase instead. However, once everything was set up, the evening was ready to start. The bride and groom danced their first dance before other members of the bridal party joined them to do a choreographed routine of “I Gotta Feeling” by “The Black Eyed Peas”. Now this was awesome. They all wore these white sunglasses and looked great as they danced along to the track. This is probably one of the best things we’ve seen at a wedding to date and definitely set the tone for the rest of the night. In fact, it was “gonna be a good night” as the floor was packed from the start to the end. It was a shame that we had to finish but there was a DJ who finished the night off into the early hours so people could still have a drink and a dance. A massive congratulations to Catherine and Steve and a big thanks for involving us on your special day!!


We’ve had a fantastic year to date and it came as a blow during the following week when Martyn had to sadly tell us that he was leaving the band. With his studies, his acceptance onto a new course and other factors in his life, he felt there wasn’t enough hours in a day to do everything that he wants to do. None of us wanted Martyn to leave and he was gutted that he had to make this decision. It’s been great having him involved in the band and we’ve had some really memorable gigs but there’s nothing we could do to keep him and we unfortunately found ourselves back in the position of looking for a singer. Martyn will always be welcomed back with open arms should we be left in this position in the future and we’re pretty sure he’ll be back helping us out again if we find we need somebody to step in. But we now have to move on and Harry took the responsibility of starting the audition process all over again. However, with more functions on the horizon, the priority turned to them and our own little issue would have to take a back burner until we could take any further action.


So we played a 40th birthday in Leigham on the Friday night where we were greeted by some gatecrashers who had seen us in Black Jacks earlier this year. The birthday girl was happy to let them in as long as they behaved themselves (which didn’t last too long) and they were politely asked to leave. They didn’t go too far though as they were all perched on the decking outside the window watching in. Ha ha!! Another top night though and a big Happy Birthday to Mel!!


The following night was another wedding and this time up at The River Dart Country Park. We were booked as a surprise for the happy couple by their friends who had seen us play quite a few times. There was nothing extravagant regarding the surprise though. Five of us weren’t going to jump out of a cake or anything like that. In fact, as the speeches over ran, we were more or less gathered at the front of the venue having drinks brought to us by the best man. This became quite comfortable, sitting outside in the sunshine, drinking San Miguels and Malibu and cokes when it became apparent that we would then be able to start lugging the gear in to get ready. We conquered this quite quickly and were ready well ahead of schedule. So when it came to play the first dance, the room quickly filled up and we played the first set. Once our break came, we all went outside and in true Scooby Doo fashion, followed the scent of what could only be hot food. Most buffets are filled with pasties, sausage rolls, sandwiches and crisps. Not this one though. Burgers and chips were being freshly cooked. These bad boys looked good. So good in fact, that Martyn had ten minutes off of being a vegetarian and promptly tucked in. They tasted great!! The rest of the night went well. Another busy dancefloor and a good night all round.


We were back in the pubs for our last gig of the month was at Black Jacks on The Barbican. This is easily one of the best venues we play. The pub has recently been refurbished and re-launched and have cut down on a lot of their live entertainment. Thankfully though, we survived the cull and still look forward to plenty more fun nights at the venue. The pub now have their own PA system and lights so it means we don’t have to carry as much equipment with us. It was packed as usual and we once again played a straight two and a half hour set which kept the pub going. There were a handful of lasses at the front who literally danced all night. No doubt their feet were sore the next morning!! It was also great to see some familiar faces from a recent wedding we did turn up as well as lots of our friends who never let us down!! You know who you are!!


And so July ended with the opening of the Olympics. As the nation got together to celebrate the greatest show on earth, we looked back on the month having played some awesome gigs but now also in the position to look for another new singer. Things are never straight forward for us and the hard work once again begins. Maybe not has hard as organising an Olympic ceremony, but hard none the less. As the American author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said:


“For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward”.


We’ve been there and done this before. Time to get busy!!

Martyn leaving the band

Martin announces he will be leaving the band


We are sad to announce that Martin will unfortunately be leaving the band in August. We were all gutted to hear this news as Martin has been brilliant for us since he joined the band in September 2011. With educational responsibilities and other factors that take up so much of Martin's time, it made it impossible for him to continue playing in the band. We have all really enjoyed the time that we have spent performing with Martin and wish him every bit of luck for whatever the future holds.


This does however leave a vacancy at the front of the stage. If you are a singer or know somebody that would be interested in replacing Martin, then please get in contact with us.

Blog June

MONTHLY BLOG - June 2012


June 2012 was leading up to be one of the most exciting months of the year. Not just for us but for millions across the UK. We started off with the Queens Jubilee. Were we really celebrating this? Or was it the fact that we all got an extra two days off work? Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide. It was also a month that included National Picnic Day (a day that our very own Harry will no doubt celebrate), National Cataract Awareness month (Tris?) and the start of Big Brother (ermmmm ... nobody). But aside from all of these exciting celebrations, it was of course the start of the Euros. A football competition that us English get quite over hyped about in anticipation of how well our country could do against some of the best football nations in Europe. However, we should all really be preparing ourselves to be let down as time and time again, we struggle to make any impact in these tournaments. It’s no surprises that we went out. Albeit against a side that made it to the final but once again another disappointing turn out from our boys. The summer football competitions do seem to be another excuse to get involved in daytime drinking and weekday pub visits so it would help if England could pull their heads out of their backsides and get a little bit further in these competitions in the future. Let’s not forget that every man that goes to a pub to watch these games are there to enjoy the atmosphere with their mates and a few pints of the old amber nectar. One conversation that happens with every group of men is their opinions on how they would lead the national team to glory. Let’s face it; after a single pint, we all believe this is possible and that it’s a shame we have never made it to the prestigious grade of professional football management. By the eighth pint, we are experts and wondering why we haven’t yet had the call from the FA to offer us the job. Just take a look at our records on Championship Manager!! We are genious’ to say the least. Roll on the World Cup!!


So we had the first weekend of the month off due to holidays etc. But it’s always nice to come back to play one of our favourite venues. The first gig of the month came at The Postie. The first half started off quite slow but the second half really did pick up. We were greeted by a fancy dress party which included Wallace & Gromit and Plymptons very own local drag queen, Christine Richardson. How on earth did you manage to squeeze into them leggings mate?? The night also saw Tris gig with his new purple drumkit which everyone wanted a go of. Tris’ hairs were literally standing on the back of his neck as he watched someone constantly miss the skins in a drunken attempt to rattle off a beat. It seems everyone in the pub that night was a drummer and wanted to show us how they were the next Keith Moon. Well, Tris values his drumkit so we’re going to have to cut the auditions short!!


The following night was at The Live Lounge on The Barbican. Harry had a night to forget the last time we played here with amps and boards deciding to go bang. Fortunately, this time went a lot more smoothly. Although Tris forgot the snake this time, which meant we had to manage our own sound which is something that we haven’t been used to of late with the benefit of having a sound guy. Queue Andy Strickland. His band was playing over the road in Black Jacks and he popped in to say hello. Right on time to get our mix nicely balanced for us!! Cheers mate!! It was a really good night. Busy from the word “GO” but we are talking about the Barbican on a Saturday night. The main song that stood out was “Dakota”. A sign of a good night is when the dance floor is packed with people singing back at you. As a musician, it is a pretty awesome feeling to experience and also a very hard one to beat.


England then kicked off the Euros against France and we cleverly kept the Friday off due to their clash with Sweden. So the only gig we had over the weekend was at The Complex. This turned out to be another one of our changeovers. With Aaron recently becoming an uncle again, our hectic schedule and Aaron’s busy working life gave no let up on visiting his family until the end of August. With this being a pub gig and the only one of the weekend, there wasn’t really a better opportunity for a family visit. So Aaron took the night off to travel to London to not only see his family, but also to start a savage squirrel serial killing saga down the rural lanes of West Wickham. But us being us, we hate letting down venues so instead of cancelling, we sourced a very capable replacement in the form of Andy Strickland from The Heist. Although he only had a few days to learn a good twenty-odd number of songs, he made it really easy for us to get through the night. With Andy and Owen on stage together and both on guitar, you could quite easily anticipate a guitar hero type duel. Thankfully, we didn’t get to the point where Owen would have needed tearing off of tiny Andy so can quite easily say we had a successful night. So a big thanks to Andy for stepping in!!


Our month ended with a couple of weddings. A massive congrats to Georgina and Adam who we played for at The Gardens in Torpoint for what was an awesome night. These guys got married abroad a week or so before the reception. However, this didn’t stop Harry from dealing up the idiot quote of the year. We were chatting with the groom during our break about their wedding and he mentioned that they had a great time in Turkey. Harry was puzzled. He looked confused. It was like watching a small child do complex mathematics. He clearly had a question that needed answering. Remember, this is a bloke that plays bass by numbers. At last, he let it out … “So, you got married in Turkey today and flew back to Torpoint for your evening reception right?” Erm ... No Harry … Wrong. It doesn’t work like that. “But they’re all dressed up in their suits and stuff.” Well, to say we were crying with laughter is a slight understatement.


The last wedding of the month was for Amy and Lee. Again, a big congratulations to these guys and we have to say what a stunning wedding. We were asked to play their first dance which was “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran which is a beautiful song. We are always happy to play the first dance for couples even if it means we are taken out of our comfort zone. We had a great time at this one. There was one moment though that stole it for us though. Whoever that little kid was on the dancefloor that was sliding around on his knees, giving it beans on an air guitar needs his parents to go out and buy him a real one. What a great little lad!!


June turned out to be a really good month and we were already looking forward to July with some cracking gigs lined up.

Blog May



At this moment in time, I (Aaron) have just started writing this blog. It’s Thursday 14th June 2012 and I’m sat in my van while it’s lashing down with rain outside. It’s very nearly lunchtime so I have a good forty minutes or so to get my thinking cap on and to eat my ham, cucumber and coleslaw sandwich and wash it down with a can of Pepsi. I appreciate it’s quite late in the month to actually start writing last months blog and it should have been completed ages ago. If this was coursework, then I would have definitely failed. But we all have our excuses don’t we? Well, being in Egypt for two weeks is certainly valid in my book so to those that read this, thanks for your patience.


On the flip side, I am somebody that absolutely hate’s lateness. Although both myself and Owen are majorly guilty of it on Monday’s when we have rehearsals. But there are times when it’s not good to be late. Here’s a small list:



These blogs usually take around two to three hours to write so I’m not going to get it done during my lunch break. In fact, I probably won’t get it done today!! I did think at the beginning of the year if it is honestly worth writing these things as they take so much time. But to be honest, they have become quite popular over the last few months. It’s quite flattering how many people do read our blog once we update the link. We do have analytics built into our website so we can see for example, the amount of unique visitors that visit our site each day. On the last blog, we had over 50 visits which make it well worthwhile writing these, so a big thanks to those that tune in!


So, enough about how crap I am at being late and on to what happened in the month of May!! It started off quite busy with three gigs over the first weekend. The first of the threesome was at The Barbican Live Lounge. One of our regular Plymouth haunts where a majority of those getting drunk on The Barbican will end up come the end of the evening. We were really excited about this one as it was the first time we got to test out our brand new lights. Gone are the twinkering cans that we were always tripping over on the floor of the stage and up go four moving heads on a new lighting gantry. Now, this thing is cabled like a telephone pole in Manilla. There are hoards of wires attached to it which is designed to make it easier to set up on the night of a gig. It’s ideal that we got rid of the old gantry; it had clearly had its day. It was literally being held together with cable ties and random screws which made Tris’ head the first object to be damaged should it have tipped forward. It’s no surprise that it was he that had the new gantry wired and ready for use at the earliest possible moment.


The lights went up without a hitch. It’s a shame we couldn’t say the same thing about Harry’s amp. As soon as he turned it on, it started making a popping noise which got louder and louder. Something like when you put your finger in your mouth and pull it back out while flicking the inside of your cheek. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get rid of the noise so rushed off home to pick up another amp. Half an hour later and Harry returns. He plugs in the new amp but now his pedal board is going off on one. To say Harry had picked out the bad luck card for the night is an understatement. The pub is now starting to fill up and we haven’t even done a sound check. The only thing for him to do was to play without any effects which meant we lost a handful of the set list but hey, you do what you got to do.


Thankfully, the rest of the night went without a glitch. We had lots of friends and family turn up for this one plus the girls from First Choice. So when we started to mess around playing “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida, you can imagine what the reaction was. Think “teenage girls at a One Direction concert” or “old women watching Daniel O’Donnell”. They had screams like tinnitus but were clearly enjoying the track. We do this now and again for a bit of a laugh. It doesn’t happen at every gig but we like to chuck in something unexpected for a bit of fun. It was a decent night in the end, especially for a Friday on The Barbican.


On Saturday night, we played a wedding. We don’t write too much about weddings as these are personal moments. But the threat of “play another song or I’ll strip naked and wear a thong” from one of the male guests is certainly worth a mention. It was something we didn’t want to see so gratefully played on. However, this didn’t stop the weddings very own “Chris Pontius” (the bloke from Jackass) from still stripping naked and bouncing around the dance floor and stage in a thong. Not familiar with his work? Then click here. Maybe he was impressed by our interpretation of “Mysterious Girl”. Maybe he is an avid lover of the party boy scene. Maybe he is nuts (maybe the wrong choice of words). Crazy bloke though but made us laugh!! Good on ya pal!! A big congratulations to Jaymie and Craig and a big thanks for having us involved for the night!!


The last of the three gigs came on Bank Holiday Sunday and it was our first gig at Boomerangs on Mutley Plain. With Martyn’s addiction to Facebook and the ever reliable information that Plymouth Live & Local continually post, we managed to get a gig at Mutley Plains ONLY live music venue. The venue had a cancellation and within five minutes of posting this on Facebook, Martyn had managed to contact the venue and sort out a gig. What a guy!!


We didn’t really know what to expect for a Sunday night bank holiday gig on Mutley Plain, but we wasn’t disappointed. We’ve started noticing a lot of friendly faces who make an effort to come and see us on a regular basis. It might not be something you guys think of but it really helps us make a decent impression and really makes it a decent night for us. It really doesn’t go unnoticed so thank you for constantly coming to see us!! The gig went really well and we have now got a few more dates at the venue for this year so definitely a successful night!!


The following week saw Owen pass his driving test at last and us take to the waters for a trip to Torpoint. There’s something about getting your first car once you pass your test. It becomes the door to the world. You can pretty much do anything now without the need and irritations of public transport. A lot of people can’t drive and are desperate to get their driving licences. But is public transport that bad? And if so, why? Well, here are few examples of what Owen doesn’t need to put up with now that he has his own set of wheels plus a little bit of experienced advice:



So, now Owen can proudly sit in his car knowing the world is his oyster. And that is exactly what he did on the Torpoint ferry. Not only was he glued to his seat, he was also glued to the steering wheel. The little man wouldn’t step out of his car for the entire journey across the water. Thankfully, he had no choice when he got to the pub!!


We deliberated over whether we should try and fit the new lights in but went with it in the end. We have a decent amount of space on stage but with no sound man tonight, it was made slightly more awkward as the mixer and amps needed to find a place to sit. It was quite concerning putting them right next to the entrance but it was the only place it could fit. The night was a good one. You can’t ask for more than a busy pub and a receptive crowd. Then the concerning factor regarding the location of the mixer and amps kicked in as two blokes who believed play fighting next to thousands of pounds worth of equipment was a mature thing to do. One landed on the mixer while the other one forced him backwards dragging the equipment to a pinnacle of crashing on the floor. Martin then turned into something that could only resemble the incredible hulk as he manhandled both blokes off of our desks. Needless to say these were packed down quite promptly after things had settled down. However, we weren’t prompt enough as there’s something about seeing the 1am ferry drifting away that just makes your head drop into your hands. If we were two minutes quicker, we would have made it. Doh!!


The following weekend saw our last gig of the month. It was back down on the Barbican at Black Jacks. The last time we played here was St Patrick’s night which must undoubtedly go down as one of the best gigs we’ve done. However, we always seem to do well in here so are always enthusiastic about the gig. It was another belter. It was packed from the beginning until the end. We also brought a new song into the set. “Lonely Boy” by “The Black Keys” made an appearance which went down really well.


Three days after the gig, Martyn became a Dad again to beautiful little boy so has had a well earned rest getting back into the swing of sleepless nights, dirty nappies and bottle sterilisation. It came at a good time seeing as though we had a fortnight break due to holidays. Hopefully, the break will do us good before we return in June at The Post Office Inn and The Barbican Live Lounge.


So that concludes our blog for May. Just to show how long it’s actually taken to write this through my lunchtimes, it’s now Thursday 21st June 2012 and I’m still sat in my van and it’s still lashing down with rain outside. What more do you really expect in Plymouth?? It’s lunchtime and I’m now tucking into my egg mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich but this time with a coca-cola. Cheers.


Martin becomes a Dad again!! :-)


A big congratulations to Martin who became a father for the second time at the end of May. Martin’s girlfriend Lisa gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who weighed in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces. They originally named him Harry Owen Aaron Tris Crocker after his main idols on the local Plymouth music scene. However, after some thought, they decided to change this to Charlie even though Lisa loved the original name. Martin and Lisa are over the moon at their new arrival and at 11 days old, took him to his first gig at Volksfest. It’s quite clear this little chap will have music in his blood!! :-)

Tris has new drums

Tris gets a new drumkit!!


If anybody in the band can hunt out a bargain, then the prize would always go to Tris. His purchasing skills easily qualify him for a gold star on eBay. Although we have sadly had to say goodbye to his white PDP drum kit which has been with the band since it was formed in 2009. It had grown itself as the sixth member of the band and we can honestly say those bongos will be sadly missed. However, Tris doesn’t hang around and grabbed himself a massive bargain in purchasing a new Premier drum kit. It is a bit of a girls colour but Tris likes purple so we’re going to have to put up with it.


So the new equipment trail continues with Tris, but who’s going to be next?? We’ll have to wait and see!!

Torn up L plates

Owen passes his driving test


After 18 months of Owen joining The Sound, he has at last torn up them “L” plates and got himself a driving licence. It’s taken a while but after passing his theory and test first time round, he is finally got himself off the pavement and into the fast lane!! His Dad is probably even more pleased knowing that he can now attend gigs and drink as much beer as he wants as his boy is now his designated taxi. Although Owen still remains pretty quiet about his test, we have actually wondered what happened during that 45 minutes with his assessor. We have dwelled back to the episode of The Inbetweeners when Simon passes his driving test and wondered if Owen can relate to this experience. ;-)