meet the band

So who are those four random blokes that get up on stage every weekend and bang out your favourite indie tunes? Well, this is the place to find out!! Below is a small biography about each member of the band plus some insight knowledge of each individual.


There is also an interesting read into the history of the band and how it was formed. It is somewhat strange to believe that the lads have only known eachother since the joining the band and were brought together by advertisements in shops and online.

The idea for he creation of "The Sound" was formed back in June 2008 after Aaron took a trip home to London to visit family and friends. During this visit, he watched his brother's band "The Kick" gigging in Wimbledon at the popular Irish bar "O'Neils". They were banging out all the current indie and rock music in front of a jubilant crowd and this resulted in a major kick up the backside to get something started.


And so, on returning to Plymouth, Aaron set out to create a band from scratch. Adverts were placed on online musician sites, as well as in shops and local newspapers. By March 2009, five blokes had been brought together by the power of advertising to create a band that were hoping to give the local community a reason for coming out at the weekend to have a good time and hear decent live music.


"The Sound" eventually got rehearsing and played their first gig in front of a packed "Cherry Tree" pub in July 2009. The gig came out of the blue on the same morning after another local band cancelled their gig at the venue. "The Sound" had really pencilled in their first gig for September of the same year but were so excited at the prospect of playing, they really couldn't turn it down. The gig was only advertised that day but the band were overwhelmed at the level of support from family, friends, friends of friends and local residents. The venue was full and first gig nerves were controlled mainly on the adrenalin as the night progressed. It was definitely a night none of the band would forget in a hurry.


So since that date in 2009, "The Sound" have worked tirelessly in their efforts to currently stand as one of the most popular bands in South-West England. Since playing their first gig in July 2009, "The Sound" have found themselves becoming heavily inundated with bookings and have currently racked up over 400 gigs since their establishment. These have included not only pubs, but also weddings, birthdays and support slots for some of the countrys leading artists. These include Professor Green, The Wombats and Wretch 32. The band have also been offered support slots for You Me At Six, Noah and the Whale and Emma B but prior bookings unfortunately prevented these from happening.


"The Sound" have had a few changes since their formation. A total of nine people have been involved in the band. The only two original members are currently bass player Aaron and drummer Tris who have been there from the start. Lead guitarist Owen joined the band in January 2011 and after auditioning on a Monday, was rushed in to play his first gig with the band the following weekend. While lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sam permanantly joined in August 2012.


However, Owen took a sabatical from the band in February 2013. At this point, "The Sound" were five piece but with Aaron mainly playing rhythm guitar. Moving to a four piece outfit was the desired option and so Aaron moved over to play lead guitar while Sam took over the duties of rhythm. With our bass player deciding to call it quits in October 2013, it left "The Sound" in an awkward position of trying to find a bass player through the summer. While there were plenty of auditions, nobody was chosen to fill the forthcoming bass player vacancy. As October dawned, Owen had decided he wanted to come back to the band which was an option that "The Sound" couldn't turn down. However, it still left them in a position of sourcing a bass player. With the desire to keep the band four piece, and with Owen now back playing lead guitar, Aaron opted to move over to play bass. It really made sense seeing as though both his Dad and brother are bass players. Maybe Aaron picked the wrong instrument as a kid and should have read the signs!! ;-)


"The Sound" have been in its current four piece formation since October 2013. Although, the guys have been in the band for a lot longer than that. It was more a case of just re-shuffling the pack rather than bringing in somebody new. It does bring it's downside in the sense that you have to kind of start again. While the band already know the songs, they have to be re-built in a way that suits the current crop of musicians and the sound they bring to the band. But the many positives do outweigh the negatives as it gave the band a nice amount of time to start building a new and up to date set. There's some songs that you'll find no other local band covering, but you'll also find the classics that you'll want to hear at any venue or function.


"The Sound" have played as far south as the cornish coast, as well as other areas in Devon, such as Plymouth, Exeter, Torbay and Barnstaple. They have travelled to London on occasions and are happy to consider anywhere in the UK mainland to perform. A list of venues that the band have played are:



While the above list gives a good indication of the types of venues the band have played, there are no doubt some that are missing. It's quite obvious that "The Sound" are able to play at most venue types and accomodate the needs of any client or venue in providing a smooth and enjoyable experience.


"The Sound" are a professional group of musicians who always endeavour to set themselves apart from the rest in providing quality live music at any event. Please do take a look at our list of public gigs so you can get a first hand experience of what the band offer. With 2014 now in progress, "The Sound" are finding themselves becoming heavily booked for venues and functions. If you are looking for a band that can offer you first class entertainment, then look no further and make sure you get in contact.