Terms & Conditions

1. Introducing The Sound

The Sound are an all male four piece indie, rock and pop covers band based in Plymouth, South West Devon. We are a friendly, highly talented group of professional musicians with extensive experience in providing high quality musical entertainment for weddings, birthdays, private and corporate functions, as well as to the licensed trade. The band has a wealth of experience behind them and an ever-growing repertoire that is guaranteed to give you a night to remember at a highly competitive rate.

Unlike many other bands, The Sound perform primarily for the pure enjoyment of watching an
appreciative crowd let their hair down. With their energetic, enthusiastic and professional renditions of some of the most well-known tracks of the last thirty years, you will be sure never to forget a night with “The Sound”. Their infectious enthusiasm and passion for performance, coupled with a highly professional approach to both the planning and execution of the show puts you in safe hands. This is sure to have you up and off your feet from start to finish.

The band have invested heavily in top quality sound and lighting systems to complement their superb performances. With a setup to envy any other band in their category, you are sure to notice the emphasis on the quality that the band provides. A 10000 watt digital PA system and a substantial lighting rig come as standard and is PAT tested to ease your mind. The band also covers comprehensive “public liability insurance” to the value of £10,000,000 to ease the worries of any venue.

The Sound understand how stressful organising a wedding, party or corporate function can be.
That’s why they do everything possible to make your choice of entertainment the least of your worries – leaving you free to enjoy your evening as we’re sure you will do. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of the reviews from previous clients and see for yourself how “The Sound” can deliver the music you’re looking for at a tailor made competitive price for your event.

The latest setlist is available for viewing on the website too. We try to keep the setlist up to date as much as possible and are constantly learning new, current and fresh material to add to our impressive collection.

So if you’re looking for a top quality live band. A friendly, easy going bunch of guys to deal with, and a live set that will have you singing and dancing from start to finish, then look no further than The Sound for your next function.

2. Performance and Set Times

The performance is based around non-specific set times which can be tailored to suit the needs of your event. As standard, the band would play two sets which would total 2 hours of live music. As all events can run differently, it is very difficult to abide with a set regulation of times. Speeches and food can overrun, the evening could start later than normal or the evening buffet could be served. As a rule, we would ask you to lease with your venue and base the set times around these. This will then be discussed with you on the call in the week before your event.

Please do consider the timing of your buffet as the last thing that anybody would want is a line of guests queuing for food while the band are performing. Please also consider the time of the first set. As a guide, we would suggest that the band start no earlier than 20:45 and no later than 21:30. While you will no doubt have guests arriving from 19:30pm, it would be sensible to let them settle into the celebrations before the live music begins. A standard guide we give is:

     • 1st Set – 20:45 -21:45
     • Break – 21:45 – 22:15
     • 2nd Set – 22:15 – 23:15/30

These sets would also be inclusive of an encore but would be dependent on your guests. For sets that have been built to run specifically over the performance time of 2 hours, this would incur additional charges. Any extension additional to the standard set would need to be:

     • Agreed by the client in advance.
     • Agreed by the venue in advance.
     • Agreed by the band in advance.

All live music would be subject to finishing at midnight at the very latest. The band can offer to extend past this time, but this would need to be agreed before the event and would be subject to an additional charge. You would also need to obtain permission from the venue to allow live music to continue past midnight.

3. Background Music

We are able to provide all of your background music over the PA system throughout the evening. This can begin as soon as your guests arrive but would be subject to finish by midnight. Any extension would be subject to additional charges. However, we are happy to let the music play while we are packing down, until the point where the PA needs to be turned off. We would also play your music during our break. There are three options we offer:

1. You provide your iPod/iPad/Laptop/USB and we will play this over our PA.

If you can provide an iPod, iPad or a laptop with a pre-listed set of songs, then we are more than happy to play this over our PA. Please be aware  that this option is not manned and will not allow guests to make requests as we will not know what is on your device. You are simply gaining the ability of being able to play music over the PA, and not a DJ with a disco.

Alternatively, another option we offer is your playlist over the PA via a pre-loaded USB. iPods/iPads etc are great for building a playlist as you have total control over the music that is playing when the band are offstage. The only issue is that all of these devices will have a gap between the running of songs. So when one song finishes, there is a 5-10 second pause before the next song begins. We believe that this results in people leaving the dance floor when they are in full flow of having fun. We have a solution around this as our laptop has a program that will mix songs into each other causing the gap to disappear. This creates a constant flow of music to keep people on the dance floor. We are always happy to use this option to the client’s advantage as we’ve played lots of weddings and really believe it keeps the night going in full swing. If you can send us a USB stick with your playlists on, then we are more than happy to install this onto our laptop. You don’t need to worry about bringing your own device and you still have your chosen music playing during our breaks. Your USB stick would then be returned to you on the evening of your function. All of your tracks would need to be formatted to MP3 to be compatible with our software.

2. We provide a laptop with a pre-built playlist.

If you would like to take our pre-built play list option, then we can offer to supply a laptop with over 10000 songs. We would create a playlist of popular tracks that will play throughout the evening. This can begin once the band are set up and fully sound checked and would be subject to finishing at midnight. Please be aware this is an UNMANNED option.

3. You take our PRO DJ option.

Our PRO DJ option is an extra service that is available for private events. We have our own professional DJ who is available to mix the night away outside of the live sets. This is identical to a club DJ experience and not your normal wedding DJ. Digital turntables, every possible song available with a direct link to Spotify, requests on demand, perfect transition mixes and samples and a guarantee to keep your guests on the dancefloor. Most bands would look to DJing themselves so this option really is a game changer. THIS IS A MANNED DJ OPTION.

The PRO DJ extra is limited to availability and we reserve the right to cancel this option at any time.

4. The 1st Dance

We can play your 1st dance live as a band as long as it part of our current repertoire of material. This option is included FREE of charge. We would need to know your selection no later than four weeks prior to your event. Alternatively, the music can be played over the PA via our own laptop or your own device.

If you require the band to learn a song that is not on the current repertoire of music, then this would be subject to additional charge of £45.00. The band will need to be happy with their rendition of the song before making a decision on whether it will be performed live. If for any reason you agree to the additional fee but the band are unable to perform your chosen track, then the fee will be waived and removed from your final balance. We will need to know your chosen track twelve weeks before your date to allow us to allocate the learning and rehearsal time to the song. With the level of weddings we perform at, anything past this period would make it incredibly unlikely that we can learn your track.

Please be aware that the band are made up of drums, bass and guitars so songs that involve keys, brass, woodwind and other instruments would be a lot more difficult as we would have to look at ways of emulating these instruments without causing any loss of identity or quality.

5. Song Suggestions

We are always open-minded to any song suggestions which we can place within the evening performance. However, any suggestion would need to fit within the genre’ and style of music that we provide, as well as fit within future sets. 

We do get a large request for songs which do meet the criteria to be used regularly within our sets. With the level of functions we play and the rehearsal time allocated to our schedule, it isn’t always possible to learn everything that you may suggest. We can only use song suggestions as a guide and not as a guarantee of learning the tracks.

6. Equipment and Effects

All of our equipment is PAT tested and we also hold “Public Liability Insurance” to the value of £10,000,000. Our equipment currently comprises of:

• 2 x NEXO PS15.
• 2 x NEXO LS18.
• 1 x NEXO DTD Controller
• 1 x 10000w Lab Gruppen power amplifier.
• 1 x Allen & Heath QU-16.
• 4 x Ear Monitor Racks.
• 1 x Compression Gate.
• 4 x DMX light bars.
• 2 x DMX moving heads.
• 2 x Overhead LED coloured cans.
• 3 x Floor positioned LED white cans.
• 1 x hazer.
• Other personal and individual equipment.

Our PA comprises of top of the range equipment and runs to a capacity output of 10000w. This is standard for any event. The provision of lights and hazer machines will be used unless otherwise stated by yourselves, the venue or deemed by the band that the available space is not sufficient.
Please let us know ASAP if any of the items of equipment would be an issue. The effects are designed to add to the experience of any show and can be withdrawn if required.

7. Electrical

We would require 4 x 13amp sockets. Ideally, two of these need to be on a separate ring.

8. Set Up and Sound Check

We normally allocate 90 minutes to set up before any event and would arrive at the venue from 18.00 – 18:30. We understand that, especially at weddings, this can be an inconvenient time due to the over running of food and speeches. At most events, we can offer to set up:

1. The night before your event.

We can offer to set up the night before your event, but this would be dependent on:

     • Whether we are already performing the night before.
     • The distance between our base and your wedding location.

We play lots of events on Fridays and Saturdays, so if your event was on a Saturday night, it would be doubtful we could offer this as we could be booked to play elsewhere at any time. However, a local midweek/Friday function would allow us more flexibility. You would be advised at the time of enquiry whether we could offer this option. Charges would apply.

2. Alternative time on the day of your event.

We can offer to set up on the day of your event, but this would be dependent on:

     • Whether we are already performing elsewhere on the day of your event.
     • The distance between our base and your wedding location.

Providing all statements allow us to progress to this type of set up, then we can agree to set up at an earlier time on the day of your event. We would work with you to arrange the best time of arrival to set the equipment up. This arrangement would need to be agreed by the client in advance to the event and would be included in your final quotation. Charges would apply.

3. The standard time of arrival.

A standard set up would see the band arrive no earlier than 18.00pm. When setting up at this time, there would be a sound check as soon as the physical set up has been completed. This can last for up to twenty minutes and is unfortunately one of the evil necessities of performing. We do try to keep any disruption at a  minimum and appreciate the patience of your guests whilst this is in operation. If is very important that we get this correct so we can provide you with the best possible sound for your event. Set up can take up to 90 minutes, so please consider this when making a decision regarding the set up options. 

9. The Venue

Most venues are experienced when it comes to dealing with live bands. We do not require a stage but an adequate area where the band can perform comfortably. We would ask for a space of 6 x 3 meters, but can squeeze into a space of 5 x 3 meters if necessary.

An area where the band can change would be required. This MUST NOT be the toilets. While we dress casually to set up, we do bring formal wear so changing facilities would be required.

Please check with your venue that there are no restrictions on sound levels. While venues are quick to offer you whatever you want when booking them for your event, there can be situations that they do not advise you about such as sound limiters and zone array systems. While in their opinion, these may come across as harmless, they are sadly things that would prevent us from taking a booking so it would be best to check.

Please also check the venues licensing times for both live and recorded music. Venues will stipulate what time live and recorded music has to finish. These can both be different times but this information will help in ascertaining the timings for your event. 

10. Extra Options

We offer a selection of extra services for all events which include a PRO DJ Service, Alternative Set Up times, Extensions beyond Midnight and a Daytime Acoustic Set.

1. PRO DJ Service

See Section 3.3

2. Alternative Set Up

See Section 8

3. Extensions Beyond Midnight

There are plenty of venues that offer the opportunity to allow music to continue past midnight. We are able to accommodate this option should you wish to add it onto your booking.  Please be aware that this is an extension for DJ music and not a live set. Additional charges apply.

4. Daytime Acoustic Set

We offer the opportunity to perform a 60 minute FULL BAND acoustic set during your day. This would include the use of guitars, bass and a cajon and set out superbly to keep your guests entertained. The earliest arrival time is 13:00 and it would normally take up to 45 minutes to set up dependent on the logistics of the venue. Additional charges apply

11. Booking Confirmation and Payment

We take a lot of our bookings over 12 months in advance so can become very busy. We do have very good relationships with local venues and are always more than happy to re-arrange our booked public performances. So if you see your required date publically listed, there is a good chance we can change this and be available for your event.

Our prices are constructed and quoted dependent on the responses you give on your quotation form. Once you have accepted our final quotation, we would require a deposit of £175.00 to confirm the booking. This will need to be paid within seven days of confirmation. The initial deposit is non-refundable unless we have any reason to cancel, in which case, you will receive 100% of your deposit as a refund.

The final balance will need to be paid on the day/evening of your event prior to our performance in cash. It may help to give this responsibility to a trusted friend or family member who we can liaise with during the course of the evening.

Please be aware that by paying the initial deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this pack and will enter into a contractual arrangement with the band.

As we can receive a large number of enquiries every week, we have to work on a first come first served basis. Due to the complexity of multiple enquiries for the same date, the date can only be offered to the first client to confirm the services of the band. Therefore, we will continue to take
enquiries should there have been no decision made on your enquiry. 

12. Destination Events

The Sound are able to perform worldwide. Please find below the requirements for a destination event. 

All destination events will be quoted to include:

1. Day rate for each member of the band.
A day rate will be charged for each member of the band for the duration of their time away. This will begin on the day of departure from the UK to the day of return to the UK.

2. The performance fee.
The performance fee will be charged which will include the standard options as advised within the quotation.

3. Once only instrument insurance for travelling outside of the UK.
Once only travel insurance will be charged to cover all instruments and equipment taken to your destination.

4. Airport parking / UK fuel expense to the airport.
If air travel is required, then the band will need to travel to and park at a UK airport. We will include this in your quotation unless otherwise stated.

5. UK fuel expense, time, tolls and accommodation if driving to your destination.
If our means of transport is to drive to your destination, then your quote will include fuel expense, time, tolls and overnight accomodation if required.

All destination events will be quoted to NOT INCLUDE the following unless otherwise requested. These will be your responsibility to arrange:

1. Return flights from the UK.
Return flights from the UK are required to be booked by yourself. Please be aware that the band will need to recoup when arriving at your destination so would ask that night time travel is avoided. Please liaise with the band before finalising any flight bookings.

2. Transfers / Taxi from Destination airport to venue.
All transfers will be required from your destination airport to our accommodation on arrival.

3.  Accommodation for band members.
Accommodation will need to be provided by yourself for the band. Please liaise with the band before confirming the accommodation. While we do not expect to be booked into a 5* hotel, we also do not expect to be booked into a 1* hostel. As we will be present for a duration of days, please be considerate when selecting our accommodation.

4. Transfers from accommodation to your wedding venue.
It is your responsibility to arrange return transport from our accommodation to your venue on the day of your event. This will not apply if we are booked into the same accommodation where your event is to be held.

5. Food and Drink for the duration of our stay. 
All food and drink must be supplied by yourself throughout the duration of our stay. If for any reason we have to purchase meals or drinks, these will be billed to you after your event. These will need to be reimbursed within 14 days of presentation of receipts.

6. Hire of equipment for the bands performance.
You will be responsible to hire in all sound and light equipment if air travel is required. We will provide a spec sheet with our requirements which will include backline, PA, drums and front of house equipment. If we have travelled by vehicle, then we will be fully self sufficient and this will not be required.

7. Any additional expenses.
Any additional expenses will be required to cover the band should the terms and conditions of the booking contract not be met. 

13. Cancellation

If for any reason you need to either cancel the band or cancel the event, certain payments will be triggered. If you need to cancel:

     • 0-14 days prior to your event: 100% of the final balance must be paid.
     • 14-28 days prior to your event: 50% of the final balance must be paid.
     • 28 + days prior to your event: 0% of the final balance and loss of deposit. 

If for any reason the band cancel, then you will receive a refund on your deposit.

If you need to reschedule your event and the band are unavailable for the new date, there will be no refund of the deposit.

If you need to reschedule and move your event to the next calendar year, you will be liable for any price increase that has been implemented for that calendar year.

14. Sound Limiters

Many venues in residential areas are faced with restrictive controls by their local council over the sound level of live music on their premises. Many venues won’t tell you about this at the time of booking but this can have negative implications on your event. It is very important to ask your venue
if you can have a band and if they have any restrictions in place that both yourself, or the band need to know about.

At its simplest, a sound limiter is an electronic device that measures the level of sound in a room. There are two types of sound limiters; the first simply measures the level of sound and rarely presents a problem. A reasonable volume limit is 95 decibels (95db), while a level of 85 decibels
could make it difficult for the band to create the right sort of atmosphere.

The second type of sound limiter not only measures the level, but also shuts off the power to the stage if the set limit is reached. This type of sound limiter can cause serious damage to our equipment if it is used.

We can therefore not play under the use of a sound limiter. If we are not informed by either the client or the venue that a sound limiter is being used, then you would be held personally liable for any damage that the sound limiter may cause. In which case, we would look to claim back any expenses to repair our equipment.

15. Zone Array Systems

Please check with your venue that they do not have a “Zone Array System” in place. Unfortunately, the band will be unable to play through this type of system as it causes a significant loss of quality for you and your guests when providing live band services.

A Zone Array System is a PA that is installed at venues that have issues with noise levels. The speakers are installed in the ceiling above the dance floor. The sound is then sent down onto the dancefloor rather than out towards your guests. The quality of this type of system is usually extremely poor with no low end sound. Anybody that isn’t on the dance floor will not be able to hear the music and the band are heavily restricted with the use of any amplification.

Venues will tend to keep this information to themselves so it is extremely important that you check that you can have a live band and that this system is not in place.

16. Clothing

Please make sure the band is aware of the dress code for your wedding reception. We are more than happy to dress in suits or in a smart “band look” which would include shirts, smart jeans/trousers and shoes. 

17. Rider

All events that we play must include unlimited soft drinks, hot drinks and water. Alcohol is appreciated but not expected. The band spend a lot of time travelling to, setting up, performing, packing down and travelling home from your venue so need to be kept refreshed during the course of the day and evening. We would ask that the bar staff are aware of this agreement prior to our arrival on the day. We would also require use of the buffet should one be provided.

We can offer to remove the above drinks option from your package for a fee. This will be discussed with you in the call leading up to your date.

A hot meal would only be required for each member of the band when we have travelled further or arrived earlier than normal. This will apply if:

     • The band has been at your venue for the duration of the day.
     • You have chosen a daytime acoustic set.
     • The band has been requested to arrive before 18:00pm.
     • The band has travelled for more than two hours to reach your venue.

This does not have to be a meal from the menu that you are serving to your guests. It can be a bar meal such as burger and chips etc. However, this must not be a sandwich lunch. The duration of time from when the band leave their base to the moment they return, can be a long period. Live performance is physically and mentally demanding so keeping the band nourished is important. 

18. Communication

Once we have confirmed your booking with the band, then rest assured that everything has been put in place. We will make contact with you via email or phone at different stages during the lead up to your event.

     • 28 days before your event.

You will receive contact around 4 weeks before your event. There may have been a long time frame between the booking confirmation and this point. You will be sent an up to date list of the tracks, so you can have a look through and list up to five songs you would particularly like us to play at your event. You will still have 2-3 weeks to make a decision regarding this. Please do not write out the whole set list though. We are experienced in understanding what type of material fits events and will complete the rest of the set based on our knowledge.

     • 4-14 days before your event.

You will receive a call 4-14 days before your event. This will be to gather a list of the tracks that you would like us to play and to run through the plan for your event. Please have this list available as we would prefer to run over your set before your event.

19. After Event

We do pride ourselves on the experience we give those that decide to book the band for an event. Customer service is a massive part of our ethics. A lot of our work comes via our website, social media and word of mouth. We will email you after your event to ask for a review that we can add to any relevant online sites that we are involved with. Your review gives us a good indication of what we did well, as well as what we may need to improve on and also gives the confidence for future clients to book the band. 

20. Contact

We can be contacted by phone, email or on social media. We are always open to answer any questions so please feel free to contact us via any of the following methods:

• PHONE: 07715-694475.
• EMAIL: info@thesoundplymouth.co.uk
• WEBSITE: www.thesoundplymouth.co.uk
• FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/thesoundplymouth



A confirmation email has been sent to your Inbox. If you are unable to find this, then please check your junk or spam folder as it may have landed in there. 

It’s really important to make sure you add us to your safe senders list so you receive future emails from us.